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About Ontario Coatings

Ontario Coatings has the reputation for what you seek in a Powder Coating Service. We have dedicated our business to providing our customers with high quality finishes, very prompt turn-around, and competitive prices. Ontario Coatings has the technical expertise to meet your toughest requirements.

We specialize in small-to-medium production runs. Our customers include a wide variety of manufacturers and Custom Metal Fabricators.

We take the time to understand your requirements and expectations and then strive to exceed them with every production run. Ontario Coatings wants to be the source for all of your Powder Coating needs.

Our goal is to become your long-term partner. Contact us today and let one of our powder coating experts explain why Ontario Coatings is the best long term finishing solution for your company.

If you have any questions at all about your project give us a call or bring your part to us for an evaluation.

Phone: 519-877-0000

Why Choose Us?

Incredible turn around

Our responsive turn around time will help keep your project on track.

Superior quality

From the quality of our paint to the final inspection, we do it right.

Exceptional service and access

Our people are always available to talk to customers. You can go on our production floor and ask questions of the coating specialist.

  • When it comes to personal service, reasonable pricing and quick turnarounds we turn to Ontario Coatings for all of our powder coating needs.

    A hidden benefit is the contacts they have in other industries that can assist us in product development and seamless product transfers.


    Brian Webber, President

    Ecopower Inc. LED


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