• We have done business with Ontario Coatings for 8 years.

    The have consistently delivered great service and top quality coatings for some challenging applications. 

    On top of their regular service, they have turned around many rush requirements that have helped us satisfy our own customers needs.  We would recommend them to anyone!

    Mark Newman

    FMI Addtek

What can be powder coated?

Typically any metal object that can hold the electrostatic charge needed to affix the sprayed powder and can tolerate the high heat levels of the curing process can be powder coated.

Typical surfaces include mild steel, galvanized and electroplated steel, aluminum, stainless steel and most other steel alloys.

Sensitive areas like threading, or clearance holes can be masked with special high temperature masking. Masking can be applied to most tolerance areas to avoid coating. We may also use high temperature silicone plugs to protect galleries, threaded holes or shafts as needed.

Plastic, resin body fillers or wood can not be powder coated. The high curing temperatures required for powder coating will wreak havoc with these surfaces.

The powder also does not bind well to the fillers surface which leads to bubbling and other surface imperfections in the paint. We recommend filling any surface irregularities with brass or welding rod.

If you have any questions at all about your project give us a call or bring your part to us for an evaluation.


  • Oldphoneworks is an industry leader in the field of antique telephone restoration and would not be able to make this statement without Ontario Coatings. Oldphoneworks works with film and TV as well as the public giving new life to the telephones of yesteryear and making them as fresh and clean today as they day they rolled off the assembly line. We ship our phones worldwide because of our attention to detail along with the care and respect antiques deserve.

    We trust Ontario Coatings with one of the most important aspects of the restoration process, that being a smooth black powdercoat finish. Other companies paint their phones, but nothing looks, and works, better than the durable, clean, smooth finish provided by Ontario Coatings.

    They go above and beyond with amazing results and quick turnaround times as well as a couple of custom jobs we have needed on the fly. Our candlestick telephones and most popular 302 models are sent from Kingston to Ontario Coatings and then sent back to us.

    The packaging is just as we send them and you can really see the care and attention paid to each piece. We highly recommend Ontario Coatings and thank them for being such a great part of our business.

    Mike Brown - General Manager

    Old Phone Works