About The Powder Coating Process

Powder coating is a painting process that is environmentally friendly and much more durable than wet paint. It is resistant to chipping, fading and scratching. Since the 1950’s Powder Coating has become increasingly the preferred method for finishing products for many industries including automotive parts, appliances, outdoor furniture, lawn and garden products, architectural elements and industrial parts.


About the Overall Process

Powder coating is a procedure where you clean the item, sand blast it to give it a profile for adhesion, and then apply a chemical pre-treatment for protection. Once the color has been chosen, the powder is then applied to the metal.

The part is then put in a cure oven for a certain amount of time at a specified temperature. There the powder flows into a liquid form and is cured into a hard protective coating. The item is then inspected to ensure quality.

When the part cools it is then ready to be put in use. We can change the color or texture of anything metal.

The Coating Process

The powder coating process uses a mixture of powder and air for application. The powder-air mixture is supplied through a hose from a small fluidized bed in a powder feed hopper. The powder coating spray gun has a high voltage dc electrode which applies a charge to the powder.

Electrostatic sprayers have settings that control the powder flow, shape, size, and density of the powders used to coat products.

The powder coating film thicknesses is dependent on the powder chemistry, preheat temperature, and dwell time.

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