Ecological and Durable

We provide powder coating that stands up to the corrosive enironment of the agricultural equipment sector.

Whether it is a tractor, combine harvester, plough or other equipment part we can powder coat it. Powder coatings are used on virtually every item on many seeding, spraying, combining, and tillage tools that require a paint coating.

Powder coatings have been proven to be durable enough to handle these extreme conditions and an increasing number of agricultural equipment manufacturers are using powder coatings every year. Agricultural related companies demand value for their money. Using powder coating can deliver on this demand.


Individual finishes for individual needs

From commercial vehicle coatings to finishes for ATVs and motorcycles – powder coating results in a high quality finish.

Powder coating also stands up to the extreme wear and tear of specialty parts. We can tailor our finishes and colors to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Finishes featuring environmentally-friendly formulations and ultra low Volitile Organic Compounds(VOC) formulations offer excellent protection as well as high colour accuracy and gloss stability along with easy-care, easy-clean properties.



Beautiful protective paint coverage

From signage to antique phones powder coatings offer a wide range of colors, including metallic and textured coatings.

Many of the projects we complete include complex items making them difficult to paint with wet coatings.

Some of the challenges include deep, recessed areas and tight corners which might not be coated with wet paint and that could lead to premature corrosion. Powder coatings are applied with a highly efficient and effective electrostatic process allowing powder to penetrate and hard to reach areas providing your project the corrosion protection it requires.

Fences/Gates/Access Ramps

No drips, runs or sags

Architects and manufacturers are well aware of the benefits of specifying powder coatings for fences, gates and access ramps. Using “Super Durable” powder coatings just makes sense.

When you add the fact that powder coatings are applied in a consistent manner - no drips, runs, or sags - you and your customers are guaranteed an aesthetically pleasing result on every project.

Ontario Coatings does not shy away from the high expectations for a top quality powder coated finish. We know the processes required to achieve the best results. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations for quality and service.



Delivering outstanding finishes for the furniture market

Ontario Coatings offers a selection of powder coatings – for exterior and interior applications.

We also offered in a wide colour variety and surface texture effects that are particularly well suited for the furniture market. This includes high-gloss, semi-gloss and matte coatings with various textures such as fine textured, metallics, etc.

New versions are constantly being developed to ensure a maximum of design freedom in the furniture segment.


Get the most value for the money

Our customers are continually surprised at how cost effective powder coatings really are when compared to other coating technologies.

In this market, value for the money is important in every aspect, and coatings are no exception.

We believe that powder coatings offer the most value for the money. Durability, gloss retention, corrosion resistance, and environmental compliance are just a few of the reasons to consider powder coatings for your next project.



Even full coverage for delicate complex surfaces

From antique ceiling tiles to ornamental doors we've seen surfaces that require a skilled and experienced technician to get it done right.

Powder coating is an excellent choice for these delicate or complex surfaces as it gets in and around even the tightest and hardest to reach areas. Plus the surface is aways free of drips and sags

Our technicians can help you choose the finish for your project and environment so that your project always looks it's absolute best.