Walk in and talk with a powder coating expert.

Our people are always available to talk to customers. You can go on our production floor and watch the process and ask questions of our powder coating specialist.

Bring us your project and we can advise you on what can be done.

We're available Monday to Thursday 6am to 3:30pm or we will make arrangements to see you by appointment during off hours.

Martin Gazendam ~ Powder Coating Specialist
At the Ontario Coatings front office.

Paint Samples

We have samples of all of our stock colours and we encourage our customers to take them with them. We also have access to over 6,000 colors and many textures including candy, matellic, high, medium and low gloss.


We package all product in a manner that ensures that no damage will occur during shipping.


Although we do not sandblast, we have a relationship with a local sandblaster who provides quality work at competitive prices. You can either drop the product off with us and we will arrange for sandblasting or you can deal direct with the sandblaster.

Heavy & Odd Size Items

We can handle extra heavy items and odd sizes.


we have a large warehouse to store your product before and after powder coating.

No Paint Areas

We will mask areas that cannot be painted and plug threaded holes or holes that cannot be painted.

We are a custom equipment manufacturer of automotive tooling that often requires high quality powder coated parts with very challenging lead times. Ontario Coatings provides us with exceptional service for the odd shapes and sizes that we generally need to have painted. They are very flexible when it comes to multiple colour changes, and small batch sizes at a reasonable and predictable price.

I recommend Ontario Coatings as a provider of powder coating services.

John Szentimrey, P.Eng.
Pow Specialty Equipment Inc.


Ontario Coatings has been our primary finisher for almost 4 years and in that time they have proven to be reliable, prompt, accommodating & overall very pleasant to work with.

We especially value them for their quality results and vast colour selection, we would highly recommend them.

Katie Westervelt & Robert Bobinac
Red Iron Design, Custom Metal Work


Talk to us about your project.